10 Best Places to Hike in Colorado for a LIVELY Summer

10 Best Places to Hike in Colorado for a LIVELY Summer-cbg cbd vape pen-Lucid Mood

Colorado isn’t just known for its cannabis industry and a welcomed placed to enjoy a CBD vape pen. It’s also state known for its natural beauty, making it one of the most popular hiking destinations in the United States. From Alpine Meadows and towering mountain scapes, it is home to dozens of national parks and […]

A Conscious Celebration of Earth Day 2020

Finding Productivity Indoors and Outdoors via Uplifting Cannabis Formulation Lively We’ve spent enough time inside our houses to know where the wayward dust collects, which closets need reorganizing and what paint is screaming for a little touch-up.  Between this new season of growth and the stay-at-home orders keeping us homebound, there is literally no better […]

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