Introduction to Cannabis

Introduction to Cannabis

Stop thinking of cannabis as a singular plant that solely produces THC. Instead, think of cannabis as a plant that produces a diverse set of compounds that can produce a full suite of effects and moods. Cannabis produces many more cannabinoids than just THC, some of which we are still discovering. Moreso, hundreds of terpenes are naturally found within cannabis, and these terpenes can impart unique flavors, tastes, and experiences. If you have ever wondered why some products make you super chatty, while others leave you listless, its because of the complex assortment of cannabinoids and terpenes interacting in your body. Although this type amount of variability can seem confusing, it also means that you can find the perfect product to best match your needs — for any moment.

Cannabinoids – THC gets all the fame, but the other cannabinoids are just as important to creating the perfect high for you. If high-THC products are a bit too much to handle, consider finding products that contain other cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, or CBN. These other cannabinoids can help your high feel a bit less intense, more social, or more spacy.

THC – This is the one everyone knows. THC delivers a strong sense of euphoria, leaving people giggly and oftentimes hungry. If not for THC, the popularity of cannabis would likely be minimal.

CBD – CBD is essentially the mirror image of THC, and produces somewhat opposing effects. CBD does not get you high, and even smooths out some of the more intense effects of THC. These two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, actually work well in unison. In fact, cannabis in the past — decades to centuries past — contained much higher amounts of CBD alongside THC.

CBG – Similar to CBD, CBG does not create the high associated with cannabis. Products containing CBG will likely create a more energetic and sociable experience than without.

CBN – Although CBN does not produce a euphoric high like THC, it can have a very strong sedating effect for many people. Small amounts are said to be great for meditation, while larger amounts can aid people in rest.

Terpenes – Terpenes are the naturally occurring aromatic compounds that give botanicals (including cannabis) their signature smell and taste. Additionally, many of these terpenes can be relaxing, alerting, sociable, connected, centered, and more. Finding the perfect combination of terpenes can be challenging. Some go well together. Some are opposing and clash. Think of terpenes like your spice rack, where some spices naturally group together perfectly, while others should never be found in the same dish.


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