Lucid Mood Reinvents an Elevated Sleep Experience

Lucid Mood Reinvents an Elevated Sleep Experience

Are you ready to leave the day’s stress and worries behind you as you slip into a soft, silky headspace? Lucid Mood is back with another research-driven product to match every Mood, this time sleep!

Newbies to the cannabis world and long-time consumers with insomnia, stiff muscles and evening restlessness can sigh relief as Colorado-based Lucid Mood has launched its newest bedtime edible. The hemp based gummies have launched in conjunction with Lullaby, their best-selling vape.

Let’s take a look at the gummies! Lullaby products have a ratio of CBD to CBN. Extensive research into the non-intoxicating effects of CBD or cannabidiol has shown its positive correlation to stress relief, acute anxiety, inflammation and depression. Cannabinol (CBN), a compound produced by cannabis, is a known sleep aid with further medicinal benefits. The combination creates a robust sedating effect, perfect for those moments when you are ready to unwind. Consumers are already raving about their increased ‘bedtime comfort’ when taking the Lullaby Gummies.

Lucid Mood continues to prioritize health and wellness with products complimenting individuals’ unique lifestyles and inspiring them to live brighter. Their premium cannabis products align with their customers and what they do.

Lucid Mood planted its roots in 2015, and purity has been at the core of every process behind each product. The company doesn’t use any filler oils, including vitamin E acetate, and uses only pure THC distillate, CBD/CBG isolate and only the most sustainably sourced terpenes.

The Lullaby gummies are packed with science-backed benefits, including a perfected dosage, which is helpful for those unsure of how much cannabis to consume for the desired effect. Edible gummies also offer a higher level of privacy for consumers who value a degree of discretion.

With a perfect 8:1 ratio of CBD to CBN, Lucid Mood’s gummies can help soothe minor physical pain and nullify stress and anxiety. Whether you require help to aid in a restful meditation or ease into sleep, the product will wrap around your body and mind like a soothing blanket.

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