A Conscious Celebration of Earth Day 2020

A Conscious Celebration of Earth Day 2020

Finding Productivity Indoors and Outdoors via Uplifting Cannabis Formulation Lively

We’ve spent enough time inside our houses to know where the wayward dust collects, which closets need reorganizing and what paint is screaming for a little touch-up. 

Between this new season of growth and the stay-at-home orders keeping us homebound, there is literally no better time to begin your annual spring cleaning ritual.  

While we typically categorize cleaning as a chore, let’s add some uplifting cannabis to the mix and make it something of a celebration—a gift to our future selves, who will appreciate our thoughtful foresight. And I’m here to tell you that LucidMood’s Lively vape pen can be your best helper for the daunting but rewarding expedition that is spring cleaning. And I should know, as I’m the scientist who created this energetic cannabis formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes specifically engineered to fuel vigorous activities like hiking … and also spring cleaning. 

Although Lively was originally envisioned to inspire outdoor activities, this can easily translate to productive seshes in the great indoors. After all, cannabis is extremely versatile, and finding that perfect high can make all sorts of activities more enjoyable. 

Before diving into Lively, it may be useful to hear that many of us associate spring cleaning (and other large projects) with stress—so please know that you are not alone if you are experiencing similar feelings. 

Your brain is not a huge fan of digging into large projects, because these activities take up a lot of energy and attention, two resources your brain values highly. It turns out you can trick your brain a little bit by breaking the large task into smaller subtasks—and of course by getting high with the help of an uplifting cannabis formulation.  

Because those first steps of beginning your spring cleaning projects are usually the most difficult to take, let Lively’s 2:1 THC:CBD ratio act as your foundation. Take that first hit from Lively and notice how the CBD takes the edge off that stress. (Check out my prior post, CBD and Stress: What Does the Science Say?, to learn why cannabidiol works this way.) Sure enough, this 2:1 ratio was specially created to help you experience the perfect amount of euphoria while still accomplishing your goals.

Sounds ideal for spring cleaning to me.

Now throw on your favorite record and let the music work alongside that higher THC content, all while the CBD keeps you more level and alert. 

All that said, the cannabinoids are only one part of this proprietary LucidMood formulation. 

Limonene and valencene are the primary motivators within the Lively formula. Both terpenes can be found in orange peels, and when combined, they provide a strong sense of alertness and motivation. Sometimes these compounds work so well that people report feeling restless after inhaling them—at least when they are stuck in a boring research environment. 

This may explain why sativas, which are commonly high in limonene and valencene, can leave some consumers feeling racy or paranoid, and this is exactly why we recommend Lively for those active moments in your life. 

And because we recognize that plans don’t always go perfectly, we balanced out these alerting terpenes with CBD and Geraniol. 

We’ve already talked about CBD, so now let’s tackle Geraniol. This terpene is one of my favorites, and for good reason. Geraniol hits very smooth, tastes and smells like sweet roses, and serves as a mentally relaxing ingredient. Although there are some extremely technical papers researching the effects of Geraniol on different cells and neurons, one simplified study found that inhalation of Rosa Damascena oil (very high in Geraniol) actually relieved women’s anxiety during the first stage of labor

Fortunately, you are just trying to clean your house.

That said, April 22, 2020 also marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! And so after you’ve tidied up your living space, celebrate Earth Day 2020 by treating yourself to some fresh air and using your Lively pen the way it was originally intended. Find a nearby trail or pedestrian-dedicated area, stretch out and take in the beautiful spring air—which is wildly different from the winter air we were previously living with, given the spike in pollen count associated with this blooming season. 

Remember to follow your city and state’s rules for social distancing and out-of-home activities, but I think you’ll agree that a little outdoor time is necessary after a blissed-out spring cleaning sesh.

So whether you are doing a quick dust and vacuum, reorganizing all of your cupboards or diving into a full interior design rework, LucidMood’s Lively has you covered. Enjoy that perfect balance of euphoria and alertness—with that safety net of calmness—and make the most of your new staycation orders with this energetic cannabis blend.  

Feature photo: Volha Flaxico via Unsplash


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