LOVING 1:1 (CBG:CBD) – 500mg Disposable Vape – LucidMood’s 1:1 CBD Product (Subscription)


CBD + CBC + Curated Terpenes

Enjoy feeling calm and engaged as a 1:1 ratio of CBG to CBD gently relaxes you, whilst the uplifting cannabinoid, CBG, opens your heart. This heartwarming combination will feel familiar and peaceful as it soothes pain, promotes deep inner healing and love, and lets you drop into your higher self.  

Ocimene is a beautiful, warm, and earthy aroma found in mint, parsley, and orchids. Nerol is sweeter but more subtly scented. This terpene exhibits a fragrant rose and citrus aroma, an enticing fresh fruit flavor, and light floral touches. 

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