LULLABY 8:1 (CBN:CBD) – 500mg Disposable Vape Pen – LucidMood’s Designer Indica (Subscription)


CBD + CBC + Curated Terpenes

Leave the day’s worries and heavy feelings behind you as you slip into a soft, silky headspace with our Indica-dominant vape pen, Lullaby. The body effects of this pen can help soothe minor physical pain and help nullify stress and anxiety.

An 8:1 ratio of CBN to CBD provides the most sedation and aids a night of sweet dreams as it wraps around your body and mind like a soothing blanket. This sleep-inducing strain can help you fight insomnia by easing your mind and relaxing muscles, making Lullaby the perfect nightcap if you’re struggling to sleep.

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00. / month

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Currently revamping our product line. Please check back with us soon!


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