LUMINOUS 1:2 (CBD:CBG) – 500mg Disposable Vape Pen – LucidMood’s High CBD (Subscription)


CBD + CBC + Curated Terpenes

For a little get up and go, Luminous will ground you and hold space for you to focus on your day ahead. Luminous’s centering high can work as a spotlight for those looking to maintain concentration and productivity. We all know that we do best when we feel our best. A 1:2 ratio of CBD to CBG provides a gentle yet euphoric sensation to keep you feeling centered and motivated on the morning tasks ahead.

Our luminous vape pen blends Geraniol, a fragrant terpene with a sweet rose scent, with citrus Limonene found in many fruits and ginger. This clean, fresh and uplifting high will help you make each day your masterpiece.

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